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From "Glen Daniels" <>
Subject Re: The current messaging code
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 04:12:31 GMT
> > I'm going to -1 "ignoring zip files" as I think having somewhat of a
> > consensus on proposed major changes is best to get before actually
> > those changes to the primary code base.  Especially when there are
> > in the group who are actively using/modifying the code while the major
> > changes are being proposed.
> What concerns me most is that it appears that every member of this "team"
> has been working on their very own virtual branch for quite a while, and
> general is unable or unwilling to play well with others.

Sam is right.  Long-term branching is a bad idea, and in general an
absolutely key factor for this team is to start acting like one.  We're not
doing a great job of communicating about designs, changes, areas of
responsibility that we're each interested in, and what we're working on.  We
need to get better at this if we hope to come out with a solid product!
We've got a bunch of smart people working in kind of a haphazard way at the
moment, and what we need is for those same people to be parts of a
functional whole working with a shared vision towards a common goal.

James is also right.  Sometimes code is the best way to communicate ideas
which may not yet have buy-in by the group, and as such I also support
posting ideas this way (which is why James and I both posted .zips last
week).  Especially for changes that affect the way major chunks of the
codebase work.  Yes, you can go too far working out of the main line, but I
think I'd rather see occasional .zips posted than frequent checkins which
get -1'ed.

In any case, I hope everyone is at the IRC chat tomorrow, as it seems like
we have a lot of good discussion fodder. :)


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