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From Pawel Januszewicz <>
Subject RE: SSL transport support and the Options class
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2001 04:51:15 GMT
Just check the SUN JSSE into the cvs.


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From: Doug Davis []
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2001 11:48 PM
Subject: Re: SSL transport support and the Options class

Just committed the Options change but I'd like to hold off on the
HTTPDispatchHandler change until it's optional since not everyone
has the SSL jars available.

"Darrel Drake" <> on 03/16/2001 03:44:40 AM

Please respond to

Subject:  SSL transport support and the Options class

Hello all. Axis can now work over SSL.

(See attached file: attached file:

I just added a few lines to HTTPDispatchHandler (7 to be exact) and wrapped
some small snippet of code into an if statement. I can make the JSSE calls
reflective momentarily, and I will. By the way, since it only calls on
classes in the package, it will run with either Sun or IBM
JSSE in the classpath / ext directory.

At first I got the very strange and cryptic "socket write error" the source
of which it took me quite a while to discover. The problem was that
Options.getURL() was directly overwriting the "https" part of my URL with
"http"(I had used the "-l" option to set the servlet URL). There was one
other logical problem with the code in that method, namely it didn't handle
an omitted port number correctly if you didn't specify it in the "-l"
option (it puts a -1 in the output string). So I took the liberty of
correcting that mistake. However, I don't quite see the need for the
existence of this Options class. It seems that parsing command line options
is best left to the actual SOAP client program, as it was in Apache SOAP
2.1. If the SOAP platform is going to look for options, it should look at
System properties, like most Java toolkits. Can someone help me understand
why it was done this way?

Darrell Drake*
IBM Japan, TRL
* - Notes ID has a misspelling of my name

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