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From "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <>
Subject Re: JDom
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2001 10:38:24 GMT
> >What about being purely based on SAX at least for like the RPC
> >handler? I understand header semantics may not allow streaming,
> >however, life without a streaming based impl is bound to be
> >slow IMO. For RPC implemented services, my intuition is that
> >there will be lots of case which do not have any headers .. thus
> >a pure streaming impl will be screaming on those cases.
> But JDom supports a SAX builder, which is the one the code uses.
> -Dug

I think I'm not making myself clear. So now you have:

    characters off the wire --> SAX --> JDOM --> Java objects -->
    [make the call] --> Java objects --> (hopefully) characters on the wire

The point is the entire (J)DOM step is a total waste of time. You 
still build a tree representation of all the data and immediately
throw it away. 

The problem is that Axis needs to remove the JDOM/DOM step and go
from SAX -> Java objects directly. Now, u may say "Why SAX even?".
Well, parsing XML is hard .. that's why SAX. 

In my opinion, if Axis doesn't address the performance issue of
Apache SOAP its not making enough progress. The flexible handler
mechanism is wonderful and very useful, however, all of that only 
makes the engine slower, not faster!! Without a streaming base impl
the RPC case is going to be even slower .. any that's not progress
in my book.


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