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From "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <>
Subject Re: Mutliple Body Entries
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2001 10:29:37 GMT
> Don't get me wrong - the spec certainly allows multiple body entries.  The
> problem is that the spec doesn't really say much at all about what you *do*
> with a SOAP message, even one which has only a single body entry.
> Processing each body entry as a separate message is certainly one way to go
> about it, but as the spec does not mandate this (at least as I read it), I
> want to make sure we leave it flexible.

The spec talks about a "SOAP Message" and talks about how to process it.
The "intent" of the spec IMO is that all body entries comprise one message.
The expected use of the other body entries is for id/href stuff .. so u
can do one value and point to it multiple times. 

SOAP explicitly states that boxcarring is a non-goal. I still fail to see
where any confusion can come from .. if there are multiple entries so 
be it; they just happen to be there and routing must go on based on some
algorithm. I disagree with the algo. which says look at each body 
entry's namespace and route parts according to that. That makes no sense
to me. THat could result in multiple faults; a clear violation of the

If u disagree, I suggest we ask the authors. Glen u already know most of
them from XMLP right?

> Incidentally, I'm fine with users building apps that support multiple RPCs
> in a single SOAP envelope - I think we should allow this, and in fact I
> believe we do via the Handler framework.  I just don't want to build it in
> or support it ourselves.

As I've said before, *SOAP* doesn't support any such notion. The multiple
body elements are used to send href/id things .. how will u distinguish
between the cases?

OTOH, some of u folks are on the XMLP group and can clarify the exact
meaning when that's being finalized. Given that that's being positioned
as being based on SOAP, some of these issues will get clarified there.


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