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From Jacek Kopecky <>
Subject Re: SOAPAction
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 15:35:48 GMT
 Well, how do you express intent with a URI? 8-)

 My understanding is that SOAPAction can be any general URI that the
server implementor wishes to see. Also in other discussions I was
reminded that SOAPAction is an HTTP-only thingie as far as the spec
cares to specify. 

 I think that we should give every service its own unique target
address (URI) through which the clients connect to it so that we could
easily dispatch to the services. This practice is completely outside
the SOAP spec so nobody can say we're restricting SOAP.

 We could use SOAPAction to distinguish between various services on
one URI, but I don't like this.

 We could use SOAPAction to help us dispatch to parts of a service
but I'd have to see a usecase for this.

 We could require SOAPAction in HTTP but just ignore it.

 We could require a specific SOAPAction to go with every HTTP request
to a particular service, so that the firewalls/proxies on the way can
use that reliably to block/allow such connections from various
sources. But since the SOAPAction URI would be fixed for a service in
this scenario, it wouldn't help us inside Axis. It would help outside
Axis, though, and this, I think, was the intent of the spec writer.

 We're having lots of "intent of the [voter|message|writer]" lately.

 Best regards

                            Jacek Kopecky

On Wed, 7 Feb 2001, Doug Davis wrote:

 > I was looking at the spec and it talks about how the SOAPAction
 > header can be used for HTTP to indicate intent of the message.
 > Well, I was assuming that the SOAPAction should (not "must" but
 > "should") match the requested URI of the service for the simple
 > reason that if it doesn't match then what good is it?  If it doesn't
 > match then we're basic saying the user can lie about their intent.
 > Also, w/o having the target URI in the SOAPAction then we can
 > kiss laying parsing goodbye.  But like I mentioned in the code
 > I wasn't sure about it so I just wrote something to get us going.
 > -Dug
 > Jacek Kopecky <> on 02/07/2001 09:05:56 AM
 > Please respond to
 > To:
 > cc:
 > Subject:  SOAPAction
 >  Hello. 8-)
 >  During the cleanup I saw Dug has some IMHO wrong assumptions about
 > SOAPAction.
 >  Dug, please explain how you use the Action string in the code, so I
 > can continue the cleanup not screwing your code badly. 8-)
 >  I'm writing this to the list, so that we all can have a discussion
 > about the SOAPAction header and its use - proposals, anyone? 8-)
 >  Thanks
 >                             Jacek Kopecky
 >                                Idoox

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