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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: normal flow
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 11:58:54 GMT
Steve wrote:
>Recall that we had two alternative "models" for service deployment:
>targettedWebService (request, pivot, response) and "normal" (just a chain)
>I am now of the opinion that we should drop "normal" model.  The reason
>we need to have an mechanism where we can tell which handlers are
>processing the request message ,and therefore are candidates to satisfy
>mustUnderstand constraints of headers in the request message.
>This makes the WSDD simpler, and I think removes a potential confusion
>without making severe restrictions.

Steve, can you go into more details about what this means?  Or maybe
it can wait for the F2F next week, but I'm still not clear on the
implications of this. Does this mean that services are limited to just
the targeted model? So the notion of a pluggable ChainContainer for
defining services is gone?
Does this apply to all chains or just service definition chains?
If I create a new service by wrappering/extending/calling an existing
service, and that old service is on the input chain, does the output
chain of the old service become an input chain now?
We need to be clear on the restrictions this is going to place on
the deployment engineer - and from your note it wasn't clear to me
what they were.

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