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From "Steve Graham" <>
Subject Re: where are handlers (sb headers) blown away?
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 12:33:44 GMT
Yuhichi wrote:
>Re: MustUnderstand
>Let me check the spec.  Wait for a while.
ok, I look forward to your response.

>Re: Output chain
>The application we have devloped for a customer requires
>digital signature for responses.  More specifically, a company (A)
>asks another company (B) to send a order form with dig-sig.
>A is a requestor and B is a service provider in this case.
>Make sense?
I understand the scenario you have described.  The question I have,
is the digital signature on the output chain marked "mustUnderstand"?

What are the semantics of this?  Is the requestor obliged to throw a
mustUnderstand fault upon receipt of the response? (section 2 of SOAP
spec indicates this is what requestor must do).  How does the
provider get notified that the requestor threw the fault?  What should
the provider do, attempt to undo the original service invocation?

>Re: TransporListener
>T/L is SOAP-specific in the sense that it constructs
>SOAP message objects, and serializes the objects for
>response.  I think this is our agreement.
I didn't think this is quite true.  The SOAP objects (much like
you modeled in TRL SOAP) are responsible for converting
to and from string representation.  The transport layer is
built to manipulate strings on the transport protocol, not
be "intelligent" about soap concepts.


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