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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: BasicHandler, handler options
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2001 14:03:27 GMT
James wrote:
>Each of the defined parameters could be scoped as:
>serviceParm -> Service Scope, applies to the entire service
>flowParm -> Flow Scope, applies to the entire flow
>chainParm -> Chain Scope, applies to the entire chain
>handlerParm -> Handler Scope, applies to the individual handler

I'm not sure I like the notion of each parameter having a scope.
Seems kind of strange.  We have the notion of Handlers having scope
but each option - seems like it could be overkill.  Besides, why
should a Handler be allowed to set a Chain specific option - if
that option is needed on the chain then shouldn't it be specified
as a Chain option, not a Handler option?
In terms of scopes though, don't forget about the global scope.

>All "downstream" elements in the serviceConfiguration should have access
>to read all inscope "upstream" parameters.  That is, the "myHandler"
>should be able to use the following:

Would the notion of a parent-child relationship between Handlers suffice?
For getOption("ChainParm") which Chain does it refer to?  There could
be several levels of chains.  getParentOption("Parm") might make more
sense if it could walk up the hierarchy.


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