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From "Steve Graham" <>
Subject Re: RE: where are handlers (sb headers) blown away?
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 19:55:54 GMT
>Does the transport listener really have to be SOAP specific.  Most
>using HTTP as the transport will somehow expose their identity.  For
>example, an ebxml message will have MIME multipart component with
>content-type = application/vnd.eb+xml.
I will argue very strongly to keep SOAP specifics out of the transport
As I said in another posting, the transport layer should manipulate bits
off the wire.
Knowledge about SOAP semantics etc. are to be left to the Axis Engine.

>So my question is, is Axis being designed to handle only SOAP/XP or is it
>general enough to even handle ebxml TRP?
Not one of the current requirements.  For now we will build SOAP, but with
eye towards being able to handle the other protocols through the
inherent in the Axis architecture.

>The architecture suggested so far
>seems to be extensible enough to handle a wide set of XML messaging
>standards.  The encapsulation of the message into abstract types "Message"
>seems to be a good way of encapsulating the actual message and bury the
>detail of interpreting specific messages to specific implementations of
>Message interface...  Could the transport listener possibly guess the xml
>messaging protocol based on what appears in the HTTP header and based on
>that guess, instantiate the correct kind of message object?
I had hoped that the Transport Layer would just deal with bits.  I believe
James Snells'
model has the transport layer producing a reader and the components in the
Engine layering Message Readers of various types over and above.

>Does this make sense or I am off the wall here?
I think you are on the right track.


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