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From "Yuhichi Nakamura" <>
Subject [ANN] W3C SOAP Digital Signature
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2001 12:28:24 GMT

SOAP Security Extensions: Digital Signature
has been published on W3C site as follows:

My colleagues are involved as authors.  Therefore we could
provide proper implementation of SOAP digital signature.
You can find implementation in trlsoap and trl-proposal
in axis cvs.  I think that the implementation should be
complient with the specification except for signature for

p.s.  I just came back to my office from three day off.
I am catching up with the discussion here.

Best regards,

Yuhichi Nakamura
IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory
Tel: +81-46-215-4668
FAX: +81-46-215-7413

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