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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: streaming outbound messages (was Re: [Vote] 1 Msg or 2)
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 02:16:56 GMT
I would claim that both are wrong.  Closing the connection abruptly without
telling the client that there was an error is just asking for them to try
And of course you can't put a fault anywhere in the soap message, that
would violate the spec.

Aleksander Slominski <> on 02/06/2001 08:59:44 PM

Please respond to

Subject:  Re: streaming outbound messages (was Re: [Vote] 1 Msg or 2)

Doug Davis wrote:

> Just wondering... let's say we get everything streaming and let's say
> that its soooo good that the outgoing message actually starts to leave
> the last handler before the before all other handlers are done.  And
> let's say that one of the handlesr (not the last one in the chain) throws
> a fault.  At this point the transport listener (or sender depending on
> how you look at things) has already send back an rc of 200 but it
> really needs to be a non-ok rc, doesn't it?  How does this get handled?

i think that it was already mentioned on soap mailing list and i have
very aware of this when i was implementing outbound streaming in our
SOAP 1.1 does not handle this case at all. you have basically two choices:
* close connection abruptly when there is exception - on receiving side it
be interpreted as io exception and deserializing of input arguments will
(that is ok) but the client will not know the reason of fault and may try
reconnect (and that is wrong)
* extend SOAP envelope specification to allow Fault element to appear
in message to signal that an exception happened during streaming...

i think that second choice is the right one but as we try in our SoapRMI to
fully SOAP 1.1 compatible it is now implemented with first option (no
proprietary extensions...)

Aleksander Slominski, LH 316, IU,
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