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From "George I Matkovits" <>
Subject Re: VOTE: Coding style
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2001 03:13:46 GMT
IMHO auto formatting is a RELIGIOUS issue. I am an 'old' Ed and VI user but I
could not live without auto formatting any more, I use an editor with a
'configurable' auto formatter and which also provides a Java class tree with
auto transfer to to class definitions. I could not live without it any more.
In my mainframe days I used a 'batch' formatter with Pascal and a 'tape' based
Source Code Control System.  IMHO you will NOT be able to convince Matt to
change :-)
Regards - George

Doug Davis wrote:

> Let's say I commit some code that gets reformatted during the
> commit process - I then do a cvs diff to see if I got everything,
> or just do a cvs diff just for fun.  8-)  Differences will show up even
> though I just checked-in the latest code.  Could this get annoying?
> Seems like it.
> -Dug
> "Glen Daniels" <> on 02/08/2001 08:31:40 PM
> Please respond to
> To:   <>
> cc:
> Subject:  VOTE: Coding style
> I'd like to come to closure on this.  I will be willing to do the research
> to get a formatter working with CVS, but obviously we'll need to clear it
> with the Apache guys to make sure it's OK to install.
> So, the VOTE - do you want to see an automated formatter be applied to all
> source code (*.java) as part of the CVS checkin?
> I'll start with : +1.  (If we do this, I'll run the indenter over all the
> existing code once it's working)
> Can we also take an official poll on coding style?  I propose that we all
> take a look at the Java coding conventions at
> and agree to
> try
> and use them, adding the prescription that 4-space tabs MUST be used, with
> NO tab characters.
> Indentation issues are really the key to CVS confusion, and so if we use an
> auto-indenter, that should take care of that problem.  Other coding style
> stuff is nice, but not as critical.
>         --G

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