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From "George I Matkovits" <>
Subject Re: streaming outbound messages (was Re: [Vote] 1 Msg or 2)
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 00:33:52 GMT
Yes, the later Tomcat versions support chunking. Over an URL connection (will support
500 codes correctly with Java2V1.4, the 2 years old URLconnection bug is finally
going to be fixed :-)  HTTP/1.1 support can easily be put even into the current Soap
V2.1+. It should also work in AXIS, since an HTTP/1.1 URL connection will support
correctly not only JSP/Servlet sessions but also chunking.
Regards - George

Aleksander Slominski wrote:

> Sanjiva Weerawarana wrote:
> > > it would be still possible with HTTP/1.1 chunking but i have not seen it on
> > the
> > > list of things to do for AXIS ARCH (or I may be wrong...).
> >
> > Can u please explain how HTTP chunking works and how that can be used
> > to do outbound streaming? I think that could have a major performance
> > impact.
> when HTTP/1.0 POST is used as defined in SOAP spec 1.1 it is necessary to
> calculate Content-Length before starting sending anything and it means that we
> need to keep an output buffer in memory (to calculate content length).
> with HTTP/1.1 chunking it is possible to start sending as soon as we have
> something serialized and more important - we do not need to keep the output
> buffer in memory! however to have it working both sides - client and server -
> must implement chunking. i think that apache has support for it so running tomcat
> <-> apache will give chunking support but we still need to have it on client side
> to work...
> for details please on chunking please see
> thanks,
> alek
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