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From "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <>
Subject Re: WSDL awareness
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2001 15:26:03 GMT
> The requirements doc for Axis stated:
> 9.1  The service description should not be required (for instance, WSDL)

I always read that to mean that if you don't have a service description
then all messages would be self-describing; i.e., use xsi:type as Apache
SOAP does now. As you may know, that particular thing has been a major
thorn for Apache SOAP and I'd like to see Axis fix it. When Apache SOAP
was first done (as IBM-SOAP) WSDL didn't exist.

> The WSDD schema that James and I committed last week has an optional
> serviceDescription element that can refer to a WSDL document (or other
> service description means for that matter.
> At deployment time on the provider side, I can see some use for WSDL.
> However much of the deployment information is modelled in WSDD elements,
> because of requirement 9.1.

Do you put a description of the service in WSDD? If so you're duplicating
WSDL and if so I -1 WSDD .. Axis group shouldn't be defining specs.

If you don't, how do you know whether
is a struct or an array with two items?

> Do you see a role for WSDL processing at service invocation time?

Yes; how else does one know what the service provider expects to receive
to provide the service. That's exactly what all the various WSDL toolkits
do right now.



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