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From "James Snell" <>
Subject Message API
Date Sat, 24 Feb 2001 21:28:42 GMT
Ok, here are the three interfaces that I'd like to propose as the Axis
Message API.  I've got a DOM-based SOAP implementation of this API 95% done,
but I'm going to hold off on posting any implementation code until we get a
better idea of which parser implementation we want to go with.

Here are the goals for I was trying for:

   1. 100% Protocol agnostic.  In other words, this API doesn't matter if
it's being used to read SOAP, XP, etc.  It defines that a Message as a
Header, a Body and optionally Attachments. Axis would ship with a SOAP
implementation of this API to allow Axis to process SOAP Messages.

   2. 100% Parser implementation agnostic.  There are no dependencies on
DOM, SAX, or any other parser implementation in the API itself (although
specific implementations of the API may force requirements on a particular
parser or type of parser).  You'll notice that this API doesn't even require
that the underlying message be XML at all.

   3. Simplicity. This API is as simple as I could possibly make it.  3
interfaces is not too bad no?

A couple of things that you won't see in this API:

   1. The encoder/decoder architecture.  Once we figure out exactly how to
do this, I'll add the methods for decoding/encoding MessageElements into
native Java Classes, etc.

   2. MessageReader/MessageWriter.  After implementing these, I came to the
determination that while they were useful, they did not add enough value to
justify modifying the existing paradigm.  The single Message Class worked
just as well.

As usual, I await your rants/criticisms/praises/etc.

- James

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