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From "James Snell" <>
Subject [AXIS] Sanity Check: Outstanding Issues
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 06:29:28 GMT
Time for a quick sanity check to kick off the new list:

Current Issues:

  [A] Chaining Framework
      [1] Single API vs Multi-API
      [2] Fault Processing
      [3] Supported Interaction Patterns
  [B] Message API
      [1] Reader/Writer Architecture
      [2] Canonical Message API
      [3] Raw Message Format (DOM Or Other)
  [C] Service Deployment And Management
      [1] Web Services Deployment Descriptor (WSDD)
          [a] API Based Deployment
              -> Call a method passing in WSDD
          [b] File Based Deployment
              -> Drop WSDD into a dir
      [2] Change Control (modifying handler and chain registrations)
      [3] Web Services Management API (Web Service for managing deployed
  [Z] Errata
      [1] Development Schedule
      [2] Documentation Guidelines
      [3] Version 1.0 Target Feature List

Did I miss any?

I would like to propose that we move forward on each of these issues by
discussing each with the prefix [A.x], [B.x], etc in the subject line.
i.e., if you want to discuss the Chaining Framework Single API vs Multi-API
issue, prefix all of your messages with [A.1].  If you need clarification on
a particular issue, use something like "[A.1] Request For Clarification".

To discuss more organizational issues such as this, I propose using [AXIS]
as the subject prefix to keep things clear.

- James

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