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From Attila Gulyas <>
Subject Axis2C 1.5 dynamic invocation
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2014 12:43:44 GMT
Dear Axis2C Users,

I've got the task to write a SOAP client which can dynamically invoke services by using their
WSDL file as an input. The information I see about Axis2C is quite controversial and I don't
know if it is possible.

I did already write a client code which doesn't work. I'm not sure if the problem is with
the support of this function, or with myself not interpreting the usage right (I _really_
hope for the latter).

The relevant codepart I wrote (using online resources) - I provide env, service and targetNameSpace
as a parameter here:


//Create the service QName

axutil_qname_t * pWsdl_svc_qname = 0;

pWsdl_svc_qname = axutil_qname_create(env, service,targetNamespace, NULL);

//Parse WSDL

axutil_uri_t * pWsdl_uri = 0;

pWsdl_uri = axutil_uri_parse_string(env,"whois.wsdl");

axis2_conf_ctx_t *config=NULL;

//Create the client

axis2_svc_client_t *client=NULL;

client =  axis2_svc_client_create_for_dynamic_invocation(

               env,                                                    //environment

               config,                                               //Pointer to a NULL configuration

               pWsdl_uri,                                         //URI of the WSDL

               pWsdl_svc_qname,    //QName to be created with axutil_qname_create




Seemingly everything works well until the last step - every pointer is initialized, there
are no NULL pointers. When the last call to create the client is executed, the client will
be a NULL pointer though.

Where could the problem be, is there no support for dynamic invocation (why wouldn't there
be as I have the code to create a client in this manner), or am I doing something very wrong?

Thank you in advance!



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