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From Pavani J <>
Subject Axis2c-1.6.0: Issue with sending "No Error" soap fault
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2013 05:02:07 GMT

I am developing a web service using Axis2c-1.6.0 based on WSDL generated C
code and I am on server side.

I have some ADB APIs that return axis2_status_t.
Even if these APIs are returning AXIS2_SUCCESS (no other errors from server
side business logic), it calls service skeletons on_fault code and sends
"No Error" soap fault.

Please see below for packet trace for response

HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
Date: Tue Jul  9 12:10:05 2013 GMT
Server: Axis2C/1.6.0 (Simple Axis2 HTTP Server)
Content-Type: application/soap+xml;charset=UTF-8
Transfer-Encoding: chunked

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
        <soapenv:Text xmlns:xml=""
xml:lang="en">No Error</soapenv:Text>
        <fault>myService|http://com.abcd.efg.hijk/2.0/ failed</fault>

Below is ADB function for one such API:

axis2_status_t  axis2_skel_myService_myTask(const axutil_env_t *env ,
axis2_msg_ctx_t *msg_ctx,
                                              adb_cancelTask_t* _cancelTask,
*fault );

Looks like it cannot handle when ADB does not have any output params to
return (so it returns NULL) and status is AXIS2_SUCCESS.

Changing WSDL is not an option for my project.

My problem is different from the issue at

I apologize if this question is already answered and please point me to
that link.

This is kind of a blocker for me right now. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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