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From WangJ <>
Subject How can I set parameter's type?
Date Sun, 07 Jul 2013 00:57:44 GMT
I use AXIS2C V0.96 invoke the service that has been encapsulated by Tuscany SCA M3. The service
only accept float type parameter. I don't know how to send a float type parameter in client.
The received parameter's type of the service is always string type. 
The request's code is:axiom_node_t *build_om_request(const axis2_env_t *env){    axiom_node_t*
greet_om_node = NULL;    axiom_element_t * greet_om_ele = NULL;    axiom_node_t* arg0_node
= NULL;    axiom_element_t * arg0_ele = NULL;    axiom_node_t* arg1_node = NULL;    axiom_element_t
* arg1_ele = NULL;
    greet_om_ele = axiom_element_create(env, NULL, "add", NULL, &greet_om_node);    arg0_ele
=  axiom_element_create(env, greet_om_node, "arg0", NULL, &arg0_node);    arg1_ele = 
axiom_element_create(env, greet_om_node, "arg1", NULL, &arg1_node);    AXIOM_ELEMENT_SET_TEXT(arg0_ele,
env, "12.0", arg0_node);    AXIOM_ELEMENT_SET_TEXT(arg1_ele, env, "23.0", arg1_node);
    return greet_om_node;}
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