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From <>
Subject AW: [Bulk] How to use Axis2C (REST) as 'gateway' to an existing app
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2013 07:16:57 GMT
Hello Christian

Just a stupid idea from another newbie:

You said originally, that you need to get and set some of the data or your application.

Dou you actually need to call the code of the application or could you just access it's data
- i.e. get it directly out of the database? It might be easier to write a program, that does
just the database access... - and it would open you the possiblity to use whatever technology
is easiest to do that.


Von: Stadelmann Josef []
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013 11:06
An: Apache AXIS C User List
Betreff: AW: [Bulk] How to use Axis2C (REST) as 'gateway' to an existing app

Hello Christian,

after reading this topic, I guess we are coming closer than ever.
We have some 120'000 Pascal Lines of Code on OpenVMS connected with a Oracle DB, a typical
legacy situation
We run a web Axis2 web service (.aar) on Tomcat Java 1.6 on OpenVMS
The legacy code is connected via a ICCC Inter-Communication-Cluster-Channel,
implemented by a product from HP WSIT, generated java beans on the java side and C wrappers
to your
applications API on the legacy server part.

Client side uses
WCF 4.0 .NET 4.0,
Stubs generated from WSDL using
Visual Studio 2010 add service reference menu and others (hand made)

SO - In order to integrate your legacy service it needs some sort of way to communicate two
way with your legacy process or
have your legacy code become a library to be called by the service implementing code, this
making your legacy functionality
available to your service providing code.

you write:
I do not want an axis-service as I cannot embed my code into a service-library.

question: what is your IDE build system; Visual Studio, NetBeans, Eclipse, any others
question: for which platform is your code developed
question: on which platform does your application run?
question: in which language is your legacy code written?
question: in which language to do prefer to develop your web service client?
question: in which language to do prefer to develop your web service server service?
question: do you think you can use a application server like tomcat or jboss or glassfish,
if not why?
question: do you think you can use a different web service stack than Axis2/J or AXIS2/C maybe
CXF, or Metro, .. ?
question: what kind of interface to access your applications functionality is today provided?
a) GUI, b) Command Line, c9 API, d) PIPE, e) sockets f) others
question: do you want to connect may services from you client or from your server (service)
question: will your service behave like an agent,
that is to say -
an agent is a server and provides to your client a service but
to do so it becomes itself a client toward one to several servers consuming services from

in general: can you outline a bit about your

a)      requirements

b)      logical functionality

c)       architecture and constraints

d)      highe level designe

e)      preferred technique to implement

a.       client

b.      server

c.       service



Von: Christian Wiese []
Gesendet: Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013 16:16
An: 'Apache AXIS C User List'
Betreff: AW: [Bulk] How to use Axis2C (REST) as 'gateway' to an existing app

Hello Jean-Marc,

you are absolute right. My wording was not good.

Can you give me a hint how to write a SERVER implementation for/into my legacy-code. I do
not want an axis-service as I can not embed my code into a service-library. My first idea
was to right an axis-service and connect it with UDP (or pipes) to my old program. I hopped
there is a better, native method I don´t now already.

Regarding the output format. The '{..}'-format should be JSON and is a possible return for
REST-calls. I found this fork:
which implements JSON for axis2c. But I don´t know why this is a fork...

Kind regards

Gesendet: Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013 14:12
An: 'Apache AXIS C User List'
Betreff: RE: [Bulk] How to use Axis2C (REST) as 'gateway' to an existing app

Hello Christian,

I believe I understand what you are trying to do!

Correct me if I'm wrong.  What you are trying to do is to EXPOSE your existing legacy as a
Web Service, and not the opposite (legacy accessing Web Service).  This the opposite of what
I have done (I create a Stub that is use by my legacies to access Web Service).

This is also possible since AXIS2C let you write Server and or Client code.

So the correct statement should be:-
"So if I want to access the data gathered by my old program from within a webbrowser I need
to write a such AXIS2C-SERVER that will implement my app (build as a share object)".

i.e. browser <- -> axis-service <- -> my app.

"I already implemented a first (dumb) service which react on a REST call (URL). It returns
the data in xml. Is it possible to return the values in a simple string like: {val1=x;val2=y}"

AXIS2C is the "C/C++" implementation of the Java AXIS.  This is built for  Web Service (soap),
and REST, which are XML driven.  So if this is not what you really need, maybe you should
consider  other tools,  Like CGI script !

Kinds regards,



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