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Subject RE: [Bulk] How to use Axis2C (REST) as 'gateway' to an existing app
Date Sun, 09 Jun 2013 12:10:40 GMT
Hi Christian,


I’m currently working on an integration project which involve an old legacy
TXSeries / Cobol environment on AIX, and REST-API to invoke Web Service. I
used AXIS2C 1.7 Client API, build with libxml2 2.9.  I had to apply a small
fix in the http_sender.c module (see JIRA AXIS2C-1626), to make-it work.  I
have also implement XPATH search query from the client side.


You just can use a stub module from your existing application, that will be
link with dynamic libraries, or integrate directly the native AXIS2C client


You should consider generating / building both AXIS2C and LIBXML2 from your
own installation.  It make it much more flexible when it’s time to build.


Have fun,




De : Christian Wiese [] 
Envoyé : samedi 8 juin 2013 12:20
À :
Objet : [Bulk] How to use Axis2C (REST) as 'gateway' to an existing app


Hello all,


I´m completely new to Axis2c so I have an absolute beginner questions, but I
haven´t found an answer yet so maybe you could point me to the right


I currently have a more or less finished application on an embedded
linux-PC. This application gather different information and data from a lot
of places. Now I would like to use a REST-API to get and set some of this
data. Firstly I hopped I could easily integrate axis2c into my application
(as a REST-server) but I realized that it offered a standalone server with
services I can implement.


So to my question:

Is there a concept or idea how I can use the axis2c server and use it as
some sort of gateway/REST-server for my existing application? Should I write
an axis2c-service that routes the incoming calls to my existing program

  External call <-REST-> axis2c-service <-UDP-> existing tool

Or maybe implement an axis2c-client into my existing application which also
connect to the axis2c-server?


Am I right that it is not possible to implement an axis2c-service into my
running application? It would be some sort of library which is linked at
runtime into my program.


Thanks in advance




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