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From "Moens, David B" <>
Subject RE: Downloading Axis2/c 1.6.0 - Also, OpenVMS anyone?
Date Mon, 13 May 2013 15:12:31 GMT
Thanks very much for your detailed response.

Your description of mmk is very enlightening. I was honestly considering bypassing the make
files completely and simply compile with a DCL script. I have been reviewing the various config
files to see what macros are described there, which one are actually used, and determine the
appropriate values.

We have also been deciding whether to create a shareable image vs. an object library. The
EXE will be more efficient and possibly easier to upgrade, while the OLB will be simpler to
produce in the short run. We might even do a phase 1/2 approach.

Your mention of Axis2/Java on OpenVMS is very interesting. We are investigating using Axis2/c
due to concerns about integrating Axis2/Java into our legacy application. Our scenario is
to have Axis2 clients talking to .Net web services. We have no immediate plans to wrap our
legacy services. We have done a successful simple test of the technology, but we have significant
concerns about developing in Java on OpenVMS and using JNI to integrate with Java. A particular
area of concern is trapping thrown errors on the Java side and cleanly returning them to the
legacy code without losing the instance of the Java VM. Your experience would be helpful,
as perhaps we are being too cautious.

So far, it appears our choices are Axis2/Java, Axis2/C, and gSoap. They each have plusses
and minuses. IHP had provided Axis2/C as well as Axis2/Java, I would have jumped on Axis2/C
and be done. I haven't found any other options, even when scanning for commercial solutions
delivering OpenVMS Web Service Client capability.


From: Stadelmann Josef []
Sent: Monday, May 13, 2013 5:44 AM
To: Apache AXIS C User List
Subject: AW: Downloading Axis2/c 1.6.0 - Also, OpenVMS anyone?

Hi Dave

My port is based on a OLD axis2/C-1.1, zlib, libxml2, it is some 8 years old!
At that time directory structures were not as established as today.

you need zlib and libxml2 as well and you have to build test and run them first.
i.e. libxml2 has a lot of test and test resources and they run to a very large degree.
Good to know they run as many thing is based on it later.

When I started with this  port, nothing was there, and I was developing all the mmk description
files myself.

So - You need a good understanding about mmk description files and in particular about macros
to use and their limits in mmk.

Then you start to build zlib, then libxml2, then axutil, then axiom and then the engine modules
all controlled by 2 levels of mmk make files.

Level 1 mmk make files coordinates the build sequences of the subsystems, while
Level 2 mmk make files does the fine granular job of controlling the build of the various

NOTE: mmk is not make or nmake or anything like that, and in certain aspects tricky to use.
So to begin you need your running copy of mmk on ITANIUM OpenVMS as well.

Do you have it?

If you can build your axis2-server component, you still need to fully debug it.
So the server is debugged, but loading modules and services, is very special on OpenVMS
as a sharable image is not the same as a DLL, and once loaded, can't be unloaded.
So there is a need to still do some more investigation and debugging.

This is as it is because we used only zlib, libxml2, axutil and axiom.exe (all shares) in
our legacy server code.

And our main service is based on axis2-1.6.1/java which then passes a large OM (SOAP/XML)
via a HP WSIT 3.5 kit,
as xml string into the legacy part, an out of process server. in the legacy C/ PASCAL part
we re-constructs
(deserializes) the received xml string into a axiom OM (SOAP/XML) to be parsed and used by
our legacy server
wrapper code.

In the next year, I plan to upgrade to a newer version of axis2/C, but right now, that is
not an issue for me.

So let me know if you like that way to go or we can discuss what you like to do, maybe there
are other solutions.


Von: Alex Mantaut []
Gesendet: Freitag, 10. Mai 2013 20:24
An: Apache AXIS C User List
Betreff: Re: Downloading Axis2/c 1.6.0 - Also, OpenVMS anyone?

Hi Dave,
            Yes, the links on the page seem to be broken :( Can someone fix them??
             If you want 1.6 you can download it from the svn repository at:

On Fri, May 10, 2013 at 3:03 PM, Moens, David B <<>>
I think I'm missing some important step trying to download Axis2/C 1.6.0. I've tried multiple
mirrors and none of the download links for 1.6.0 seem to be valid. I have problem getting
at 1.5.0 (haven't tried earlier).

Also, I'm trying to download to attempt a port to OpenVMS Itanium. Has anyone else done this
or similar and have any tips or caveats?


Mantaut Alex
Intraway Corp.

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