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From ramesh Gopal <>
Subject Re: Building Axis2C on Solaris 64-bit
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2013 07:12:17 GMT

I had done this sometime back, I created a document for myself, hope you find it useful.

COMPILING AXIS2C ON Solaris 5.10 - 64 bit

1) Copy the tar file to your directory

    For example:
        cp axis2c-src-1.5.0.tar /work/myfolder

2) Go to your directory and extract the tar file (axis2c-src-1.5.0.tar)  which has the axis2c
    cd /path_to_your_directory
    tar -xvf axis2c-src-1.5.0.tar

    This will extract the source inside axis2c-src-1.5.0 (in the current directory,i.e,myfolder)

3) Create a directory and set this directory as AXIS2C_HOME

    For example:
        mkdir /work/myfolder/AXIS2C
        setenv AXIS2C_HOME /work/myfolder/AXIS2C

4) Go to the source directory(axis2c-src-1.5.0).
    cd /your_path_to_axis2c_source

    Add -m64 to CFLAGS before -g in the configure script in the axis2/c source.

    Make the same changes to the configure script in the following directories:
        a) axis2c-src-1.5.0/axiom
        b) axis2c-src-1.5.0/guththila
        c) axis2c-src-1.5.0/neethi
        d) axis2c-src-1.5.0/samples
        e) axis2c-src-1.5.0/util

5) Run configure as follows
        ./configure  LIBS="-lsocket"  --prefix=${AXIS2C_HOME}

6) Run 'make' from the source directory (axis2c-src-1.5.0)

7) To install the binaries, run 'make install' from the source directory (axis2c-src-1.5.0)

    For example:
        make install

       This step installs the axis2c binaries in ${AXIS2C_HOME}


1) Go to the samples directory inside the source directory (axis2c-src-1.5.0)

    cd samples

    set LD_LIBRARY_PATH as follows:
        setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/local/lib/sparcv9:${AXIS2C_HOME}/lib

2) Run the configure script inside the samples directory as follows
        ./configure --prefix=${AXIS2C_HOME} --with-axis2=${AXIS2C_HOME}/include/

3) Run make (inside the samples directory). This will compile the samples

    For example:


4) Run make install which installs the samples inside $AXIS2C_HOME/bin/samples/ directory.

    For example:
        make install


1) Set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH as follows
        Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /usr/local/lib:${AXIS2C_HOME}/lib

2) Go to ${AXIS2C_HOME}/bin

     cd ${AXIS2C_HOME}/bin

    Start the server as follows


    You should see the message

               Started Simple Axis2 HTTP Server...

3) Running the samples(to be run in a new shell)

        Set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH as follows

        Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /usr/local/lib:${AXIS2C_HOME}/lib

        Go to ${AXIS2C_HOME}/bin/samples

        cd ${AXIS2C_HOME}/bin/samples

        When the server is up and running, run the sample clients in a new shell asfollows


         This will invoke echo service.


         This will invoke math service.

Hope this helps ....


 From: Alex Mantaut <>
To: Apache AXIS C User List <> 
Sent: Thursday, 25 April 2013 12:42 AM
Subject: Re: Building Axis2C on Solaris 64-bit

Hi Nadine,
                I never compiled Axis2C on Solaris 10 64 bit, but in 32 bit
I managed to compile it without problems... Can you show which error message you've got?


On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 2:00 AM, <> wrote:

>What needs to be modified in configure scripts to get Axis2C to build on Solaris 10,  64-bit?
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