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Subject Re: SV: Does axis2c do something to file descriptor 2?
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2013 21:23:04 GMT
Thanks, but there isn't any apache server involved on the client side
where the axis call happens.  Searching again, this line looks suspicious:
src/core/transport/http/sender/ssl/ssl_utils.c:62:        bio_err = BIO_new_fp(stderr, BIO_NOCLOSE);

We are using ssl, but I'm unfamiliar with BIO_new_fp -- can anyone say
whether that could be what does it?

On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 09:13:59AM +0100, Rune Sindahl wrote:
> You don't mention which server you are using(apache web server or
> simple_axis2c_server), but in my experience(using apache web server to load
> the axis2-module) the stderr gets redirected by apache to the error_log
> inside the httpd/logs/ directory on CentOS. Have you checked this place?
> -----Oprindelig meddelelse-----
> Fra: Paul Ackersviller [] 
> Sendt: 20. februar 2013 19:14
> Til:
> Emne: Does axis2c do something to file descriptor 2?
> I've recently noticed that after calling a web service via axis2c, all
> subsequent output to stderr no longer appears, or possibly goes somewhere I
> haven't located.  I haven't found out where this might be happening -- can
> anyone point to what I might be missing?

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