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From "Tolar, Richard" <>
Subject RE: Problem with SSL
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2012 20:41:56 GMT
Darren, what do you mean by 'they did not implement the openssl locking
functions so it crashes under load'?
I assume you're talking about the axis2c client, correct?

I recently had a bunch of problems related to SSL handling which seems
to be high load / high network traffic situations.

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From: Douglas, Darren J [] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 8:51 AM
To: Apache AXIS C User List
Subject: RE: Problem with SSL

You have a configuration error, you have to have the correct path and
file information in the SSL config section.

Good luck, I found the SSL support at  to have a large number of
problems, its not thread safe, it leaks the transmission buffer like 50k
per transaction and they did not implement the opensll locking functions
so it crashes under load.

Darren Douglas
ca technologies

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From: Emanuele Benedetti [] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 10:44 AM
Subject: Problem with SSL

Hi All

I've written a SOAP client using Axis2c.

It makes SSL connections with the SOAP server.

Everything was working well 'till some day when something is changed in
the server side and now after few hours the SSL sinchronization is lost
and the client cannot send messages anymore.

I have to restart the client.

I have not control over the SSL engine as I only send the SOAP request
and the SSL is activated with the correct directives in axis2.xml
configuration file.

Also the error I receive is quite general and doesn't help.

The error is also quite difficult to trace as when a write error occours
in axis2 (for whatever reason), it try to read the response anyway so
the error return to the application is "http_client.c(548) A read
attempt(HTTP) for the reply without sending the request" hiding the real

Looking at the axis2 trace log I found that the first time the error
occours it is a generic "Error occurred in SSL engine" on file
ssl_utils.c line 153 without any os or ssl error number.

But any subseguent send tentative print the error "[ssl client] Loading
client certificate failed , key file <path to private key>" suggesting
that the SSL engine is screwed in some way.

How identify and recover from this error? I'm not an SSL expert but I'm
sure that there must be a way.

I'm using Axis2c 1.6



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