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From Elijah Snyder <>
Subject SSL Configuration with libcurl
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2012 06:00:38 GMT
Hello, again.  I've finally made quite a lot of progress on my Axis2c
project, but I've run into another wall.

I'm trying to use SSL with my Axis2C project.  The Linux built
binaries appear to work fine with no additional configuration and they
are using libcurl (says so in the log).  Windows binaries, however,
aren't working so well.  I continuously get the libcurl
"SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE certificate verify failed" error.

The configuration mentions the SERVER_CERT parameter in axis2.xml -
but when I read through the source, it appears this setting doesn't do
anything if libcurl is enabled!  I don't see a single reference to
setopt() involving a capath or similar.

How do you correctly configure the cert and/or CA Path with libcurl enabled?

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