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From Atanacio Reyes <>
Subject serialization problem with large xml documents
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2012 20:58:07 GMT
Dear axis2c users:

Maybe this problem has to do with the library libxml2, particularly with the structure xmlBuffer.
I have the following code:

axiom_node_serialize(om_node, env, om_output);
buffer = (axis2_char_t *) axiom_xml_writer_get_xml(xml_writer, env);
printf( "size of buffer=%d, actual size=%d\n", 

             axiom_xml_writer_get_xml_size(xml_writer, env), strlen(buffer) );

the output is:
size of buffer=27558, actual size=16396.

Does not include the serialized xml document, but to see the sizes is that it is incomplete.

this problem has to do with large xml documents (> 27300 bytes).

thank you all.

Atanacio Reyes

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