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From Yateen V. Joshi <>
Subject Integrating libxml2 parser in axis and making it work
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 09:47:08 GMT

With kind help from Graham Holden, I did following to parse multilingual
characters using apache-axis2c-libxml2 parser.

Platform  - Red Hat Linux
- I had an apache that uses axis2c with below 'inclusion'
LoadModule axis2_module modules/
Axis2RepoPath ${AXIS2C_HOME}
Axis2LogFile  /localhome/stab4/log/axis.log
Axis2LogLevel trace
<Location /axis2>
SetHandler axis2_module

- The axis2c version is 1.6.0
- This was originally compiled using Guththila parser. Some threads indicated
that I need to compile axis2c using libxml2 parser for it to process 
multilingual characters.
- So, I saw that my axis had below files under /axiom/src/parser/libxml2/
libxml2_reader_wrapper.c  Makefile
libxml2_writer_wrapper.c  SCCS

- I recompiled axis using libxml2 parser (./configure --enable-libxml2).
- Without doing any changes to apache configuration, I replace my axis libs and
- I did not change my earlier parser code as it was using axiom APIs.
- I ran my test case where I sent Chinese characters in an XML, however, my
parser could not parse it. I was thinking that it would be possible using 
- The parser is running fine with normal ascii characters.
- The call that is not returning a valid value is - 
param1_text_node = axiom_node_get_first_child(node_it, env);
if (!param1_text_node) <<<<<<<<< this becomes true, that means,


Can someone please help me? Do I need to do something differently here?

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