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From "Stadelmann Josef" <>
Subject AW: SOAP Message
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 14:24:35 GMT
Hi Matan,


If I understand you correct, you are saying that you have mastered axiom/C to build a model
and then use serialize() to write this xml string? While serializing from an OMElement is
easy, the harder part is to write your parser and create this/your object model using axiom/C
routines. I would also suggest, but I believe you did so already, to have a look at the examples
delivered with the AXIS2/C binary installation. And another very good resource is the AXIS2/C
source kit itself. There you will find test to test Axiom and finally the simple-server, and
a lot is there to get known of it.


Will serializing and de-serializing is one thing; the other thing is how to make up and deploy
your server and your client; for that I suggest to start with the examples found in the AXIS2/C
installation unless you understand all of it. Also, I personally found it very helpful to
download the AXIS2/C sources and build my AXIS2/C distribution myself. It is not so hard if
you use Visual Studio,; Later on you can much better debug your client server applications.
If something does not work but raises exceptions or returns fault status or objects you get
a much better idea why something fails.  Even with good documents and user guides, debugging
your code and the ability to deeply dive into axis2/axiom  code is important when it comes
to debugging in general, or debugging nasty problems. This from 6 years of learning in the
open source community.






Von: Matan Cohen [] 
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 28. März 2012 12:29
Betreff: SOAP Message


Hi , 

I using Axis2C sucessfully when I'm building the elements .

I now need to wrrite a C program which is getting the URI and SOAP message , for example this
message located in a string:

soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=" <>
" xmlns:q0="http://iproxies.soa.imex <http://iproxies.soa.imex/> " xmlns:q1="http://mapper.soa.imex
<http://mapper.soa.imex/> " xmlns:xsd=" <>
" xmlns:xsi=" <>

- <soapenv:Body>

- <q0:>


- <q0:inputData>

  <q1:_LimitOutputRespons_lmrptReportData /> 



  <q1:limitOutputRespons_lmrptReturnCode /> 






How can I send the this Messages forward to the service provider ?

I tried searching for a written function to do so , but without any success .


Any help will be highly appriciate .



best regards,
matan cohen
MF System Administrator. 


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