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From Pankaj Kharwal <>
Subject Do not want some application code to be executed for each request
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2011 10:29:49 GMT
Dear all,

I have an application written in C/C++ (runs as a webservice) which was previously running
on some other platform. Now, the application has been ported to Linux and now we are using
AXIS2C 1.6.0. So far, I have been successful in running the application on AXIS2C with minor

However, the application has some constructors which query tables (heavy SELECTS) and based
on the data read from the tables, the application processes the request. The problem is that
when I fire a request, AXIS2C executes these constructors for each request. This is not desirable
because I do not want these heavy SELECTs to be executed each time the request comes to AXIS
since it takes upto 3 seconds for the constructors to execute the SQL SELECTs.

Is there any way to call these constructors only at the start of AXIS engine and save this
as a context to be used by the upcoming requests?

Thanks and Regards,
Pankaj Kharwal
Stockholm, Sweden

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