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From <>
Subject Axis2c basic Hello example
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2011 10:48:21 GMT
Hello List,

I'm trying to get the basic 'Hello' example (as described in the Manual) working on my system.
I'm using a binary installation of Axis in Ubuntu obtained through aptitude. I assumed the
version would be 1.6.0 but now I'm beginning to wonder because my Axis libs are post-fixed
"0.6.0" so that might be something I need to check in Ubuntu.

I have made the Apache configuration changes as described in section 3.2 of the installation
guide and I've compiled the Hello example server code and placed it in services/hello. Unfortunately,
no wsdl seems to have been provided for the Hello example. I've therefore attempted to write
this myself. Note that the ../axis2/services page responds correctly and I can obtain the
wsdl with ../axis2/services/hello?wsdl so I believe Apache is correctly configured to use

Calling the web service from a client (built in Visual Studio using code generated from the
wsdl) results in an unexpected null value in the SOAP which causes an error. I also get an
error in /tmp/axis2.log: "http_transport_utils.c(2557) Service or operation not found".

I suspect my attempt at creating the wsdl for the Hello example may well be wrong so it would
be helpful if this could be provided. I've tried looking for other example Axis2/c code and
wsdl but I haven't yet found anything helpful. In particular, the "Source Code" link (if this
is even the right place for examples) on the Apache / Axis2c website (bottom link on the LHS
of the main page) returns:

An Exception Has Occurred
Unknown location: /webservices/axis2/trunk/c
HTTP Response Status
404 Not Found

If someone could supply the wsdl corresponding to the published Hello example, that would
be very useful to me and others starting with Axis2c.



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