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From Sam Carleton <>
Subject Re: Implement axis soap fault in server/ client side from C
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2011 20:19:01 GMT
On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 3:09 PM, Damitha Kumarage <> wrote:

> Sam,
> if you are so worried about the project why not pioneer it instead of
> making it worse by turning away people from it. Do you have any hidden
> agenda behind this?

The only agenda I have is to giving folks an insight to the current status
of the project as to know what to expect out of the project.  I don't know
if that would be considered hidden or not.

Why don't I pioneer rather than turn folks away?  Same reason why it is
being neglected by others:  It just isn't a high enough priority.  There is
also the issue that I don't see a real demand for folks to do much
pioneering on Axis2/C, the mailing list often goes weeks with zero
activity.  Why do pioneering where there doesn't seem to be a need.  Gut
feeling tells me that wso2 has focus their resources on projects other than
Axis2/C because their clients are more interested in products other then
Axis2/C, so that is where they are having folks like you focused as of late.

I have nothing personal against Axis2/C or those that have pioneered it. I
just want folks understanding, as you yourself admit, that to a large extent
the original pioneers have moved their pioneering efforts to more rewarding
efforts. The fact it took you 5 days to see my initial reply is additional
proof that there is very little activity on the Axis2/C front. There is
nothing wrong with this, but this knowledge can have a significant effort on
business decisions.  Thus I wanted to put that info out there:)

If I offended you, or anyone on the mailing list, I am sorry, that was never
my intent, it was simply to inform, which is why I did provide as much info
as I could regarding the OP's questions, after I giving my opinion.


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