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From Damitha Kumarage <>
Subject Re: Implement axis soap fault in server/ client side from C
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2011 19:09:29 GMT
if you are so worried about the project why not pioneer it instead of 
making it worse by turning away people from it. Do you have any hidden 
agenda behind this?

It is true that most of the initial developers are not active on the 
project as before. But that does not mean that they have give up the 
project. At any time when they find free time they will do work on the 
I too badly need to give some time for the project, but still some other 
work prevent me doing so.

Yes we will badly need a new release with the improvements done to the 
code. Also there are so many good patches there still not applied to the 
code base.

Sam Carleton wrote:
> Ramesh,
> Some background:  I have been using Axis2/C for a few years now.  One 
> thing I have noticed is that this mailing list is REAL quite these 
> days.  When I first started using Axis2/C, seemed 
> to be fully behind it, but these days I simply don't know, the mailing 
> list is VERY quiet, there has not been a new release in like a year 
> and a half if not two years.  My point...  Getting good solid answers 
> are very hard to come by, if even possible these days.
> Here is what I know, back in 2009 I was interested in implementing 
> some faults to improve error handling in my system and I saw the 
> following message thread come across the mailing list, so I saved it.  
> Amir attached to documents which I am forwarding on.  I recall looking 
> into this and decided it was more trouble then it was worth, so I 
> dropped it.  Thus I don't understand nor do I use faults, but maybe 
> these attachments can help you out, I don't know:)
> Sam
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> Date: Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 8:52 AM
> Subject: Re: using faults w/ wsdl2c
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> Please see attached document
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> Sent: Monday, November 16, 2009 4:47 PM
> Subject: using faults w/ wsdl2c
> I created a simple web service w/ Axis2c using wsdl2c on a WSDL file I 
> created in Eclipse.  The default functionality of this works fine. 
>  However, now I'd like to incorporate faults into my SOAP messages.  I 
> created a fault type in my WSDL and wsdl2c creates the wrappers for 
> the fault message, but the service skeleton and client stubs files 
> seem to hard coded to assume no faults are ever sent / received.  For 
> example, the client axis2_stub_op_*() function takes my request 
> message type and returns my response message type, but doesn't seem to 
> account for my fault type.  Modifying the code, I can see that the 
> fault is received and correctly deserialized, but I'll have to 
> continually hand edit the axis2_stub*.c and my client.c file as I make 
> modifications to my WSDL in order to make this work.
> The same is true on the service side w/ the axis2_skel*() functions. 
>  Am I missing something here, or are faults not supported w/ wsdl2c?
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