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From "Douglas, Darren J" <>
Subject Issues with the code generator.
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2011 14:39:11 GMT


I have been using Axis2c 1.6.0 to generate the client side code for a web serviced written
in MS C# and I have run into some issues.


This is the second set of WSDL that I received for the service, the first WDSL had 2 of the
problems and the latest one has the additional issue.


The 2 common problems are;


1.   Incorrect handling of adb_char in the extension mapper.


The code that is generated includes the file adb_char and not adb__char which causes the compile
to fail.

The code also uses adb_char and not adb__char in the module also causing it to fial compile.


Replacing the adb_char with the correct abd__char in all cases fixes the issue and the code


2.   Duplicate struct entries being generated with the same name.


One of the .c files has an incorrectly generated struct which includes the same value in twice
with different types.


        struct adb_CCSAge


            axis2_char_t *property_Type;              ß-- seems incorrect

            adb_CCSAgeUnits_t* property_Type;         <- correct value.

            axis2_bool_t is_valid_Type;

            unsigned int property_Value;

            axis2_bool_t is_valid_Value;



            If I comment out the first one it all works, the first one is also wrong as the
code fails to compile with it in and other one out.



New issue with the latest WSDL.


The new WSDl made comes changes, they added a new attribute to one structure and remove another
one. They also rename one of the values. When I generate the code this time I see the following
error in the log. 


The classify service seems to run ok but there might be a problem my testing has of yet not


A change to the WSDL and regen produces the infamous,

[error] ..\..\axiom\src\om\om_element.c(283) Wrong element type or null node.


Generate command was with just the -u option.


I have tried to attach the files but if that's does not work I will send another post with
them in.


Darren Douglas

ca technologies

Principal Engineer - Access Control

CA Technologies

100 Staples Drive

Framingham, MA 01702



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