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From Nadir Amra <>
Subject Re: A little help?
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2010 06:14:06 GMT

I assume you are using integrated Web service client for ILE, which is 
based on Axis C++.  More information can be found at:   Can you please confirm?

If so, you are on the latest code base, so you do not need to compile 

The latest PTF for IBM i 5.4 is SI40680.

Nadir Amra
Integrated Web Services for IBM i Operating System

Kelly Beard <> wrote on 08/26/2010 10:37:41 AM:

> From: Kelly Beard <>
> To:
> Date: 08/26/2010 10:39 AM
> Subject: A little help?
> I'm trying to use the C++ version of Axis.  I'm only an end-user of
> someone elses webservices.  A quick list of items:
> 1.  I don't know the version of Axis I'm using.  How do I find out?
> 2.  Compiling Axis on my own is probably a deal-breaker for me.  #3
> will spell it out.
> 3.  I'm using an IBM iSeries, better known as an "AS/400", running
> V5R4 of the OS.
> So, of course it's an uphill battle right away.  Here are the wsdls of
> the two services I'm trying to build:
> I use the wsdl2ws utility to build my stub code and that all seems to
> work just fine.  The axis stuff builds lots of BaseObject ->
> BaseObject_Array -> ArrayOfBaseObject kind of stuff which is confusing
> to say the least.  So I wonder if the problems I'm having is because
> I've gotten rusty in dealing with pointers to pointers or something
> else.  C# and Java WS clients work great out from the get-go, but
> since I have to do some manual coding with C++ I seem to have some
> trouble.
> Anyone interested in helping a guy out?  My client built on the
> truckmiles service is either crashing or returning Success or Failure
> based on which debug statements I remove, so I know there's some
> pointer bug in there.  I think the pcmws client code is bombing.  I
> can't use the handler code to see the raw soap that's being passed out
> & returned back because that stuff was never implemented in whatever
> version of Axis the 400 has.
> Anyway, I've attached two files.  I'd really appreciate anything. 
> -- 
> Kelly Beard
> [attachment "promiles.rar" deleted by Nadir Amra/Rochester/IBM] 
> [attachment "pcmiler.rar" deleted by Nadir Amra/Rochester/IBM] 
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