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From Richard Offer <>
Subject Re: c-user Digest 3 Sep 2010 16:55:33 -0000 Issue 1166
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2010 19:19:07 GMT

> Nandika Jayawardana wrote :

> In order to process the request using axis engine within the container, you
> need to look at the following aspects. 
> [1] You need to have an initialized axis2 environment ( which encapsulates
> logging, memory allocation ect. )
> [2] An initialized configuration context which will contain the axis2
> configurations which will be used when processing the request. 
> [3] Input stream and output stream which will be used by axis2/c in reading
> the request and sending back the response. 
> If you look the axis2 module, you will find that all these setting are
> handled.  Another requirement is to extract some of the request specific
> information and pass them axis2. Have a look into the
> axis2_apache2_worker_process_request function to see how most of these thing
> are handled. 
> axis2_build_conf_ctx method is used to initialize axis2 configurations. 
> and http transport utils methods contain most of the http
> specific processing methods.
> Regards
> Nandika

Thanks Nandika.

How robust is the CGI handler ? Does that make for a simpler place to start
and build up from there rather than trying to cut down the apache process
handlers ?

I'm trying to build a prototype to validate that Axis is a better
alternative than gSOAP (it can hardly be worse ­ but I do need to do my due
diligence). I expect to have to go back and redo the interface handlers
afterwards to get the performance I'll need at which point I'll have the
time to do it right.


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