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From "Stadelmann Josef" <>
Subject AW: A little help?
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2010 08:35:04 GMT
Hi Kelly, 

guess we have to setup things right now to know what you want.

You write: 
I'm only an end-user of someone else's web services.  

Does it mean your attempting to consume someone else web service with your own web service
client coded in C++?
Does it mean you're only attempting to develop/generate/code/compile/link/run an axis2/c++
web service client-(stub) to make use of someone else's web-service running at some web-service-provider
i.e. like from Yahoo to consume a book-catalog-service or the like?

You write:
I don't know the version of Axis I'm using.  How do I find out?

Where did you download the Axis2 source kit?
You need a source kit to build AXIS2 yourself on IBM AS400 Series Computer.
I don't know of any pre-built binaries ready to install on a AS400 Series Computer.

Will this AS400 Series Computer be a Web Service Client consuming someone else Web Service
Will this AS400 Series Computer run an Axis2 Web Service Engine, a Server, and provide a Web

In any case you need a C/C++ developers environment, at least proper make tools and required

ANSI/C ANSI/C++ RTL's to compile and run it.


There are platform specific components which allow you to adapt different operating systems.
This are the components which deal with i.e. Linux, Windows, UNIX, OpenVMS platform (OS/HW)
Specific things. And this would mean for you, you will end up as a developer and demand a
reasonable good understanding of programming in C and C++ to port this Axis2 C++ code to your

Reading further down at your text:
I would suggest that you run somewhere on your AS400 Series computer a web service example
service like "hello world", and try to interface this simple service through code generating
all required for your client. 

If this client is running you may then be ready to start with interfacing  and consuming a
more complex web service.

I recommend this, because I looked at your web service from and
I just feel it is too complex to start with. Start with something more easy to interface with,
unless you master all the required generators and tools.

Also the looks
as it runs on a Windows platform.
Hence what about addressing and soap header issues. Is it a state-full or state-less web service?
Once your logged in, are you then talking to a state full service or how are you credentials,
your tokens passed for re-authentication. Any special modules to engage, i.e. addressing,

I would aim at looking at a working web-client of this web-service. Guess the best is to build
a web service client using a visual studio and once you have that running you know a lot more
about what to care to get your final client running.

So far my thoughts. 


-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Kelly Beard [] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 26. August 2010 17:38
Betreff: A little help?

I'm trying to use the C++ version of Axis.  I'm only an end-user of someone elses webservices.
 A quick list of items:

1.  I don't know the version of Axis I'm using.  How do I find out?
2.  Compiling Axis on my own is probably a deal-breaker for me.  #3 will spell it out.
3.  I'm using an IBM iSeries, better known as an "AS/400", running
V5R4 of the OS.

So, of course it's an uphill battle right away.  Here are the wsdls of the two services I'm
trying to build:

I use the wsdl2ws utility to build my stub code and that all seems to work just fine.  The
axis stuff builds lots of BaseObject -> BaseObject_Array -> ArrayOfBaseObject kind of
stuff which is confusing to say the least.  So I wonder if the problems I'm having is because
I've gotten rusty in dealing with pointers to pointers or something else.  C# and Java WS
clients work great out from the get-go, but since I have to do some manual coding with C++
I seem to have some trouble.

Anyone interested in helping a guy out?  My client built on the truckmiles service is either
crashing or returning Success or Failure based on which debug statements I remove, so I know
there's some pointer bug in there.  I think the pcmws client code is bombing.  I can't use
the handler code to see the raw soap that's being passed out & returned back because that
stuff was never implemented in whatever version of Axis the 400 has.

Anyway, I've attached two files.  I'd really appreciate anything.  Thanks!

Kelly Beard

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