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From "Stadelmann Josef" <>
Subject AW: Libxml2 & Axis2/C
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2010 08:30:50 GMT
Hi Rico


What platform do you have? I use Vista Visual Studio 2008 TS, and HP
Itanium OpenVMS (I64) 


I am using libxml2 since 2006. I toke the trunk sources from 2006 and
ported it to HP OpenVMS on Alpha in 2006.


This library as object library or as sharable image run perfect on HP
OpenVMS Alpha and Itanium as well.


BUT some day I have to upgrade to more recent axis2 and libxml2 code.


So downloaded the latest (I could find) libxml2-2.7.7 sources, 

I created a Visual Studio 2008 Project, 

BUT for that to work I set default to the bakefile subdirectory,  and I
adjusted libxml2.bkl to my demand, and (you will have demands)

Then I run bakefile_gen and my VS9 libxml project and others (the test
suite) projects got created nicely, ready for your VS

Then I toke 1 project by 1 project, libxml2 project first,

BUT AND It is a good idea make / build the various test projects as

Then it is a further good idea to run this tests! 

you will have to adjust the path to input and output test resource files
i.e. as Unix and windows do not match on the given paths used

Most of the test run very nicely, some are either outdated, no longer
used, or I do not understand how to use them, or what they do.


BUT overall, make xmllint; Xmllint is  a program which makes heavy use
of nearly all aspects of libxml2; 

so finally it is a very good idea and test to become familiar with
xmllint and libxml2 capabilities.


If Xmllint works for your very large xml files, converting it, debugging
it, validating it, local and via net, 

then you can be confident that libxml2 runs perfect. 


Running tests with a low failure rate is essentially to build up trust
for your libxml2 library.


You might find what you are looking for in Xmllint sources, as Xmllint
is a heavy user of libxml2.





The you catch axis2c, I got it recently latest trunk sources from the
SVN trunk from


I made this a Visual Studio 2008 Project as well. And because axis2/C is
a set of related projects 

and by default it builds and links in Guththila as the new default xml
parser, I removed the Guththila-

and mod_axis2 project from the project tree. This unless I learned what
I have to setup to build and

Link against libxml2 libraries. 


Make sure that your preprocessor directive AXIS2_LIBXML2_ENABLED is set

Is set for the axiom project to compile and link correctly. Else it
would go for Guththila as default xml parser.


Be aware that only axis2_parser project links against libxml2. I did not
find any other modules with a demand


For your axis2c I used and enabled iconv-1.9.2.win32 and zlib-1.2.5


After axis2 was built I toke the test directories and I made test

I started with testing util and then axiom. 


Debugging test of axiom gives you what you are looking for.


And single stepping through the test makes you learn immediately how to
use axiom, and through axiom libxml2.


Also the test suite of libxml2 is best suited to make you learn how to
use the library.


TEST are most often BETTER than some poorly written manuals.














Von: Rico M [] 
Gesendet: Freitag, 6. August 2010 12:10
An: Apache AXIS C User List
Betreff: Libxml2 & Axis2/C


Hi everyone...

Sorry for the flurry of queries... Has any one managed to use libxml2
with axis2c. Please correct me if i am wrong , if one goes with libxml2,
all parsing/creation will be done by libxml2 api and not axiom api..  I
would love to see a simple example for managing requests & response.
I had a look at the wrapper classes , unfortunately i can not make how
to go about using them.


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