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From Steven Zhang <>
Subject Re: soap message limits - resolved one issue
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2010 21:29:20 GMT
I have no idea. When running with 2M response, it took 50s to clear memory. 
400K response took < 10s to clear. I have to ask the customer to limit 
response size if possible.

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From: "Akos Marton" <>
To: "Apache AXIS C User List" <>
Sent: Monday, August 16, 2010 2:18 PM
Subject: Re: soap message limits - resolved one issue

What would you like to do if the file size bigger than Mbytes, tens of
MBytes or bigger?

Steven Zhang wrote:
> I faced the same issue last week. The problem is my Axis2c client cannot
> receive response > 400K. When I run Axis2c client with Axis2c web
> service there is no problem, but my customer's web service is made by
> .Net, whose response structure is different from mine.
> The reason is found by debugging into Axis2c sources. The problem is in
> guththila_xml_parser.c (Guththila.dll).
> Suppose maximum size of each socket packet is 16K, to receive a 400K
> data it needs to receive 25 packets. For each packet Guththila.dll will
> allocate a memory with doubled size. At the 15th time, the packet size
> increased 2 ^ 15 = 32768 times, the new memory size will be 16K * 32768
> = 524M, allocation failed here. When the problem happen, I do find the
> program eats up to 1G memory.
> To resolve it, increase new memory size only when data_size * 2 >
> buffer_size, so the new memory will keep less than 1 to 2 M. I tested it
> with 400K and  800K response, it all worked. It even works with 2M
> response. The modified file is attached.
> For Axis2c web service, the response is in XML format. Whenever
> guththila_xml_parser.c find a '<' sign, it will create a new node for
> the element. But for .Net web service, the response is a single string,
> all '<' signs are replaced with "&lt;". The function has to allocate new
> memory to hold all 400K or more data. This is the reason why the
> problem occurs to .Net web service only.
> Hope it's useful to you.
> Steven Zhang
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>     *From:* Doug Price <>
>     *To:* <>
>     *Sent:* Friday, August 13, 2010 10:40 AM
>     *Subject:* soap message limits
>     I’m using Axis2c to send base 64 binary encoded data via SOAP and
>     this works fine as long as my data is small enough.  For example, it
>     works on a 6KB file, but when I try to use this for a 183KB file it
>     fails.  Is there an internal limit in Axis2c for SOAP messages or
>     base 64 binary data?  If so, are there any values I can change in
>     the source to increase these limits?
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