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From "Stadelmann Josef" <>
Subject AW: MingW
Date Mon, 26 Jul 2010 09:38:24 GMT
Mingw is a developers and tools environment aiming at developing and making applications for
the windows platform as native as possible whatever that means.


If your downloading the Axis2/C Binary kit 1. you get something ready to run. 

The Axis2 Engine and Axis2 Tools included in the Kit are made for Windows. 

Follow the setup procedures in the Axis2 C documentation and get your Axis2 simple server
running up first would be your first task.


For that you don't need MingW.


Then you should read to get a feeling an idea about where
MingW might be specific among other developers environments and platforms.


you run the provided binary examples you will not make use of Mingw.

To build the provided example source codes you will use MingW.

Some of the provided header files can be configured to USE POSIX, 

that will very likely not make it and not work with Mingw, (reading Wiki), you have to try.

If you configure your C code and provided header files to not use POSIX then it is very likely
that you have a success with Mingw again. 


Then I would take the simple echo.c example and start building it using your Mingw environment.


If you have success then you go on with all the other example code. It's worth doing so to
become confident about your environment and what gets provided by Axis2C code generators.


Later take the Axis2 Tools WSDL2C (and docu) and re-create your own echo stubs and skeletons
in C code for your own web service. Compare the generated code. Maybe you add another method
now and recreate skeleton and stubs. If you can again make them using MingW then you know
they are POSIX free for you MingW dev env.


Then take the more complex examples provided. If they all build you have a an even greater
chance that you can use MingW for your axis2c projects.


BUT Please note: The binaries shipped with this version are compiled with Microsoft Visual
Studio compiler (cl). And also the makefile that is shipped with this version needs Microsoft
Visual Studio compiler (cl) and nmake build tool. 


That does not mean you can't make it using your Mingw. But it might involve some more work.

I have ported Axis2C to OpenVMS, which is not a very straight approach at first. But once
you have isolated and built the platform specific things, it is very great feeling how well
all goes with this ANSI C code and yes, given availability of a POSIX compliant C compiler,
which might be the biggest hindering factor using MingW.


If you really like to try it in the large and learn most about Axis2/C start a porting project
for Axis2C to your Mingw based Windows platform. In this case download the axis2 souce kit

Then start inspecting and building/compiling the windows platform specific files.

If you can build after all Axis2C from sources you can be confident that you are on the winning
edge and nothing can hinder you to use MingW. :-)


Any other thoughts ... 






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Betreff: MingW




i've downloaded the binary windows version of axis2-c, but i'm

wondering if it's possible to use that with mingw.


any tips?


2010/7/22 Damitha Kumarage <>:

> Yasemin YILMAZ wrote:


>> Hi all,


>> I wonder whether the following scenario is possible?


>> I've generated skeleton files for my own web service and stub files for

>> another web service by using WSDL2C. Can I send a request payload (for

>> another web service) from the operation's function code of my skeleton file

>> by adding it's stub files generated by WSDL2C in order to consume the

>> another web service? I'm newbie on web services development and I will be so

>> glad for your explanations..


> It is possible

> Damitha


>> Thanks in advance for your helps,


>> Best regards,


>> YY




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