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From Akos Marton <>
Subject Re: transfer limitations
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2010 13:30:51 GMT
The XML is broken every time at different part. I tried to configure
httpd server with switching out many known size limitation and run
axis2c under this, but it also doesn't send the whole XML.

The sent data is just broken somewhere. I watched it with tcpdump.
Smaller XMLs can be transferred.

Well, written a short tester code, which reads the necessary XML from
file and parses, decodes it perfectly, so that the algorithm and code
must do the right.

Any idea why the sending process is being broken?


Akos Marton wrote:
> Hi List,
> Is there any limitation about the amount of data in a certain XML-tag?
> In case of true, could I increase it somehow?
> For instance <image> ... </image> by the size of 4Megabytes of base64
> code. The whole XML data does not reach the server (have cut at certain
> part), but a smaller amount of data reaches it fully.
> Could be httpd.conf a solution? I do not know how to locate it for
> axis2c binary version.
> Thanks,
> mAkos

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