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From "Hatim Daginawala" <>
Subject RE: How to fix memory leak in Axis2/C client?
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2010 21:01:57 GMT
If you are using custom HTTP headers and seeing leaks, let me know. I will write a small test
program to demonstrate how I do it. It's a little complex to just write it up.

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From: Olivier Mengué [] 
Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2010 11:07 AM
To: Apache AXIS C User List
Subject: RE : How to fix memory leak in Axis2/C client?

Hatim Daginawala wrote:
>No harm in trying. I have been using release 1.5 for over a year now in a very high volume

I wanted to avoid to call svc_client_create() for every call because it seems this is where
axis2.xml is parsed, dynamic libraries loaded... SOAP is heavy enough, I don't want to add
axis2.xml parsing to each call.

>svc_client is not designed to be reused. Here are some of the issues I came across in
>-          It leaks all over the place - For example HTTP headers, you will have to reset
all the headers after each use.

How do you do that?

>-          Default HTTP transport opens socket for every request - you have to use libcurl

Good point. However my project does not requires this. I may get one call per hour, and I
fear more random disconnection (from the proxy or the remote server) that would be bring random
problems hard to track.

Also I had already enough problems getting updated OpenSSL and zlib on my system (AIX) and
building Axis2/C. I did not want to add one more dependency.

>-          libcurl wrapper had some terrible memory leaks - this should be fixed in 1.6
>-          axis2c does not have support for proxy, ssl, etc with libcurl transport - there
are patches to do this though

I'm using SSL through a proxy with Axis2/C built-in SSL and proxy support (without libcurl).
Those feature seems to be available since 1.6.
No really blocking problems so far, except memory leaks, but I have submitted many patches
for Axis.


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