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From Nadir Amra <>
Subject Re: Need suggestions on Axis/c client stub
Date Wed, 10 Feb 2010 00:45:23 GMT
As far as the Axis-C++ client, it is recommended for production 
long as you build the client from the latest code in SVN.

But ensure that it supports what you need supported, which is WSDL 1.1 and 
SOAP 1.1. 

Nadir Amra

Ashok P <> wrote on 02/09/2010 11:09:09 AM:

> [image removed] 
> Need suggestions on Axis/c client stub
> Ashok P 
> to:
> axis-c-user
> 02/09/2010 11:09 AM
> Please respond to "Apache AXIS C User List"
> I want to clear my understandings about axis-c/c++. I got few answers in
> email archives and like to understand thoroughly.  Newbie to Axis-c.. :) 
> apologize for any repeated  questions. 
> 1) Can I provide custom mappings for C/C++ data types for code 
> tool?
> Wsdl2c/wsd2ws generates the code for xs:string as ?char* (axis-char)? 
> ?std::string? respectively. Is there any way to mention mapping like
> ?wchar*?  or std::wstring (c++) to toolkit considering Unicode enabled
> project?   Does char* processing problematic in case of Unicode string? 
> 2) My requirement is to generate the clients for non-axis web services 
> .net, JBOSS-WS, etc. So Is there any limitations for such clients? I 
> all web services can easily consumed with axis/c client considering they
> adhere with WSDL specifications. 
> 3) As per the  documentation, axis-c supports ?ADB? binding for client 
> generations and ?none? option for raw xml in/out. Is ADB is efficient to
> consume non-axis web services? 
> 4) As per analysis, wsdl2c can generate client code for RPC/document 
> styles only. Am I correct? Is there any support available for 
> style in near feature?
> 5) Does it mandatory to use axis2.xml? I like all these settings through
> code by settings the options ? like settings the protocol ?http? or 
> (ssl), port , ssl certificate, client timeout and more. Does such 
> is available in both C/C++ client generated code?
> 6)  From the other posting on forum, it?s not clear that ?AXIS2C_HOME?
> deplorer folder is mandatory or not for client side. Can anybody confirm
> this? I agree few Dlls are required for client distribution. I like my
> client application (along with client stub) should have small footprint 
> distribution, so can I build stub statically for depended libraries like
> axiom.dll, axis2_http_sender.dll etc?
> 7) Axis-C++ is not recommended for production use. Does I need to test
> client generated (stub) for stability considering the recommendation? 
> suggestions on axis-c++ clients to be used on production? Otherwise I 
> go with axis-c only.
> Thanks in advance and appreciate your help.
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