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From Ricardo De la Rosa R <>
Subject Problem with math example, axis2c 1.6.0 for win32, Configuration file name not found
Date Mon, 11 Jan 2010 22:24:56 GMT

I am working with axis2c version 1.6.0 for Win32.
The operating system of my computer is WinXP SP3.

I downloaded and I compiled it.
I started the axis2_http_server.exe succesfully.
There is an axis2.xml file in the directory "F:\leng_c\axis2c-src-1.6.0\"

When i try to execute the client application named math, it stops with a
message "math stub invoke FAILED!" on the console.

Besides, make.exe writes a math_blocking.log file with the following
[Mon Jan 11 16:35:11 2010] [debug]
Sending OM node in XML : <ns1:add xmlns:ns1=""><param1>40</param1><param2>8</param2></ns1:add>

[Mon Jan 11 16:35:11 2010] [error]
..\..\src\core\deployment\dep_engine.c(1021) Axis2 Configuration file name
not found
[Mon Jan 11 16:35:11 2010] [error]
..\..\src\core\deployment\dep_engine.c(884) axis2.xml is not available in
client repo F:\leng_c\axis2c-src-1.6.0\
[Mon Jan 11 16:35:11 2010] [error]
..\..\src\core\deployment\conf_init.c(195) Loading deployment engine failed
for client repository F:\leng_c\axis2c-src-1.6.0\
[Mon Jan 11 16:35:11 2010] [error]
..\..\samples\client\math\math_client.c(132) Stub invoke FAILED: Error code:
1 :: Out of memory

Any help is very appreciated.
Ricardo De la Rosa
Colombia-South America

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