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From "Steve Leland" <>
Subject looking for ideas
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2010 18:25:03 GMT
I have Axis2/c 1.6.0 building and working nicely with the builtin http server on Win 2008.
 Cool stuff - thanks!!

With this working environment now I get to extend the functionality in our web service code.
 I would like to create an automated test environment to catch regressions introduced by changes
in the business logic, which strikes me as something that others must also have done.

So to those who've already been down this road, would you please tell me if you think I'm
heading in the wrong direction here, and maybe why?

I want to 'record' a test by pointing the client at a trace facility, and store the resulting
http trace of the request and response in a database.  

To run a regression test would involve grabbing the request trace out of the database, programmaticly
handing it to the Axis2c engine, then comparing the Axis2c generated response to the response
in the database.

First question - is that the best approach?  (where best ==  work correctly and doable relatively

If so, any foresee-able gotchas?

It looks to me like uing a <messageReciever > targetting the raw_xml_in_out_msg_recv
might work, but all the doc I can locate is for java's class="org.apache.axis2.receifers.RawXMLInOutMessageReceiver".
 What syntax to use there?


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