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From Jose M Medina V <>
Subject Re: Axis2c Questions
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2009 23:52:33 GMT
I try the following approach.

I connect to the database in the function init and I use a global  
variable for the connection information, but when a try to make any  
operation in the database I receive a core dump in the service.

This problem only occur when I use the axis2c module for the apache  
server, when I use the simple http server from axis2, the approach  
work like a charm, so I think that the problems is something about  

If anybody has other idea about my questions, I thank in advance.


On Oct 12, 2009, at 10:18 AM, Sam Carleton wrote:

> I am no Axis2/C pro, and I don't have an answer to your first Q, but  
> I believe the answer to the second question is:
> Do the initial connection to the database in the service's  
> axis2_get_instance() function and then cleanup in  
> axis2_remove_instance().  I am using SQLite and this is where I call  
> sqlite3_initialize() and sqlite3_shutdown(), respectfully.  It works  
> for me;)
> Sam
> On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 12:29 PM, Jose M Medina V <

> > wrote:
> I am using Axis2/C for a few weeks and I think this is an incredible  
> tool, but I’m still a newbie in web services world and an axis  
> environment.
> So I have a couple of questions and I appreciate any help that  
> anyone could give to me.
> There are some of the questions:
> 1.	It is possible use simple XML as a message in axis2c? If it  
> possible could send me an example?
> 2.	If I need run some operation in a PostgreSQL database from the  
> web service, I have to connect and disconnect to the database every  
> time that the web service is called?
> Thanks in advance and apologize for my bad English.
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> José M. Medina V.
> Wesam Consulting
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> Ofc:     +58(212)959-4155 Ext. 204
> BB pin: 31E562BF
> Caracas - Venezuela

José M. Medina V.
Wesam Consulting
Mobile: +58(416)613-3302 +58(414)019-0580
Ofc:     +58(212)959-4155 Ext. 204
BB pin: 31E562BF
Caracas - Venezuela

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