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From Amit Tewari <>
Subject Compilation issue with generated code (xsd:enumeration elements)
Date Wed, 14 Oct 2009 09:52:41 GMT

I am  trying to generate C code (adb binding) from a WSDL which defines following among other
things and then use visual studio 2008 to compile it.

1. SimpleTypes involving enumeration like 
        <xsd:simpleType name="ANY_NAME">
            <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
          <xsd:enumeration value="ANYVALUE1"/>
          <xsd:enumeration value="ANYVALUE2"/>

When I try to compile generated code the adb_*.c  for all the types involving enums ( as
described above)
 fail  to compile. All the enum types fail on one single line ( in each respective file)

    axiom_text_t *text_element = NULL; //  'axiom_text_t' : illegal use of this type as
an expression 
think its probably because axiom_text_t  is defined in the middle of
the function instead of in the beginning as C rules require. 

I do need keep enums in the wsdl. Any help would be appreciated .

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