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From Jose M Medina V <>
Subject Problem with Ubuntu
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2009 15:29:48 GMT
I install Axis2c into Ubuntu Server 9.04 (Linux ubuntu-server  
2.6.28-15-server #49-Ubuntu SMP Tue Aug 18 20:09:37 UTC 2009 x86_64  
GNU/Linux) as a module for Apache 2. After that I write a web service  
for test purpose and when I test the service I receive the following  
error in the Apache log.

“[Tue Sep 15 19:57:45 2009] [notice] child pid 3371 exit signal  
Segmentation fault (11)”

I start debug the program and I determine that the error was on the  
return of the funtion srvprb_invoke, see the following axis2.log trace.

Tue Sep 15 19:57:44 2009] [debug] web_serv_prb.c(323) [pruebaSrv]  
axis2_srvprb_agrApuesta:: Fin de Funcion
[Tue Sep 15 19:57:44 2009] [debug] lib_skeleton.c(118) [pruebaSrv]  
srvprb_invoke:: Fin de Funcion

The complete funtion srvprb_invoke is:

axiom_node_t *AXIS2_CALL
     axis2_svc_skeleton_t * svc_skeleton,
     const axutil_env_t * env,
     axiom_node_t * node,
     axis2_msg_ctx_t * msg_ctx)
     char  *nombreFuncion="srvprb_invoke::";
     axiom_node_t *node_srvprb_agrApuesta=NULL;

     AXIS2_LOG_DEBUG(env->log, AXIS2_LOG_SI, "[pruebaSrv] %s Inicio de  
     /* Dependiendo de la operacion que llegue se llama a la  
respectiva funcion que procesa el
      * request
     if (node)
         if (axiom_node_get_node_type(node, env) == AXIOM_ELEMENT)
             axiom_element_t *element = NULL;
             element =
                 (axiom_element_t *) axiom_node_get_data_element(node,  
             if (element)
                 axis2_char_t *op_name =
                     axiom_element_get_localname(element, env);
                 if (op_name)
                     if (axutil_strcmp(op_name, "inserta_apuesta") == 0)
                       node_srvprb_agrApuesta = axis2_srvprb_agrApuesta 
(env, node);
                       if(node_srvprb_agrApuesta != NULL)
                         AXIS2_LOG_DEBUG(env->log, AXIS2_LOG_SI,  
"[pruebaSrv] %s Fin de Funcion",nombreFuncion);
                         return node_srvprb_agrApuesta;
                         AXIS2_LOG_ERROR(env->log, AXIS2_LOG_SI,  
"[pruebaSrv] %s Resultado en NULL",nombreFuncion);
                         return NULL;

     AXIS2_LOG_ERROR(env->log, AXIS2_LOG_SI, "[pruebaSrv] %s Parametro  
OM invalido en el request",nombreFuncion);
     return NULL;

Also I run the same test into a Centos 5 installation and the test was  
perfect, so I think the problem is something about ubuntu.

Could anyone help me with this problem? What can I revise?

Thanks in advance

José M. Medina V.
Wesam Consulting
Mobile: +58(416)613-3302 +58(414)019-0580
Ofc:     +58(212)959-4155 Ext. 204
BB pin: 31E562BF
Caracas - Venezuela

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