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From <>
Subject Calc_xml_inout sample - call over TCP fails
Date Mon, 17 Aug 2009 08:24:19 GMT
Hi all, I am new to Apache Axis so try to bear with me, if asking the obvious.

I tried to build an example supplied with axis2/c v. 1.6.0 located in %AXIS2C_HOME%\samples\src\codegen\server\calc_xml_inout
on Windows with VS2005. The readme points to a wsdl-file located in $AXIS2C_SRC_HOME/test/resources/wsdl/Calculator.wsdl
ut I could not find the specified path in windows src-distribution. So I used the one in samples/src
directory instead. After generating the skeletons and stubs the service part did not build
out of the box, and complained about some missing definitions for soap envelope type, but
I managed to build it by adding some includes. The skeletons and stubs were generated using
axis2java version 1.5.

Now the calc_xml_inout works on top of http, but I cannot get it working on tcp-transport.
I have changed the endpoint to tcp://localhost:9091 and started axis2_tcp_server.exe. In axis2.xml
I removed comments from transportSender and transportReceiver for tcp. 

Some examples I built namely math in samples/src/client/math (with respective service) and
hello from UG seem to work well on tcp also, but my goal is to implemenmt a service and a
client that are using an interface generated from wsdl (without adb) so I would be interested
in getting the calc_xml_inout or similar example that has generated skeletons and stubs working.

Any advice on how I should proceed?


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