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From Vivian Wang <>
Subject HTTPS/SSL through proxy server does not work!
Date Tue, 04 Aug 2009 23:43:41 GMT

Hi All,

I am using axis2/c in my web service client application. I have tested https/ssl through a
proxy server and found that it does not work. I have tested the following senario in my application:

in case of no proxy :
    • job calling http web service : ok
    • job calling https web service : ok
in case of proxy :
    • job calling http web service : ok if <parameter name="PROXY" proxy_host="xyzsrv"
proxy_port="8080" proxy_username=""       proxy_password="" locked="true" /> is added
to the http sender in the axis2.xml
    • job calling https web service : not ok.  I tried adding the proxy parameter in
http sender, or https sender, or both. no luck.

I browsed through the jira bug repository and noticed that jira issue 1312 (
has the similar concern (not sure if this is exactly same issue because my proxy does not
need me to pass a username/password):

    axis2_http_client_connect_ssl_host() cannot make an https connection through http proxy
when the proxy requires  authentication

I am wondering if anyone has info regarding this issue, and if there is any workaround on
this. Any help is much appreciated!



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